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Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC)


Claire Lee

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Other information:

HOSC has a remit to scrutinise local health services and major health issues which are of concern or interest to East Sussex residents. The Committee must also be consulted when the NHS is planning significant service changes. The Committee has an important and high profile role in holding the NHS and other organisations involved in health issues to account on behalf of local people.
This role is supported by specific powers set out in legislation, including the ability to request information from NHS bodies and to require NHS managers to attend meetings to discuss issues. The Committee can also make recommendations for improvement, to which the NHS must give a response.
The two HOSC non-voting places for VCS representatives were agreed at the committee’s inception and the perspective of VCS representatives has been very valuable to the Committee’s work. The role is a significant opportunity to give the VCS an additional voice and influence on health issues.

The Reps on this partnership are:
Julie Eason
Jennifer Twist